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The Fire Within




You love music and to dance, helps you find your happy place.
You’re very caring and protective over your loved ones.
Your articulate and are able to speak your mind.
You can be a great big silly Billy, always pranking those around you and in general just goofy.
You can be fierce when you feel threatened.
You’re sociable but can be standoffish with new people.
You’re adaptable, able to live in different surroundings, environments and climates.
Perfect time to conceive would be in spring.
When you have your mind set on something you are very determined to reach that goal.
Intuition is through sight.
You’re a light sleeper, sometimes waking up and feeling like you haven't slept at all.
You’re generally a placid person.

You haven't been to your happy place in a while. Turn that music on, pump up the volume and do your thing. Allow the movements and sound to lift you into your happy place. Make that spark in you create a fire. Think clearly about what you want. Imagine yourself going through the process of what you need to do to attain your goal. You have the determination there just let it out and you can achieve all you want.
Dust off your serious hat and let everyone know that you're not all about jokes but that people can put their trust in you to do the work they want you to.
People may also take advantage of you because of your placid nature. Make it clear that they can't.
Perfect job for you would be a Dancer.

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