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Finding Balance




Your intuition is through sound, visual and touch. Highly intuitive.
Sometimes you can feel very emotional and vulnerable, closing yourself off to the world at these times.
You like to keep yourself busy busy busy.
You are sociable and chatty.
You work great in a team.
You can be very protective over your family.
You tend to put on a big brave face as though nothing bothers you or can hurt you, although inside you’re a big softy.
You can be very inquisitive, a bit nosey too.
You can have moments of extreme shyness and then the next be as bold as anything.

It's ok to show the more vulnerable side of you. You don't always have to be a superhero. Sometimes people need to understand you are only human the same as they are.
You have kinda hit a slump and not feeling motivated to do anything. Batteries need recharging. Pick yourself up and get out there, find the things that you enjoy doing and go and do them. Go for a walk, to the mountains, the coast, or meditate, take deep breaths as and when you find your body beginning to feel tense.
Haven't been working in a team so much, get that team together and work on something great together.
Go see some new places, meet some new people.
Your intuition has been pushed to the side and you are not in an energy to listen to it. It is there to guide you into being the best person you can be and will help you to have the easiest life you could live. Open up your senses and start listening to your gut.
Find your balance. Find what gives you balance and then use it as much as you can because balance is needed right about now.

You can be shy and fearful of putting yourself out there. Indecisive of your direction and where you are going, preferring instead to hide yourself, not allowing others to see your full potential. You have a tendency to go the long way around because of the self doubts you feel towards yourself. You have a hard exterior which others can find difficult to penetrate. It's important to allow others to see the true you so they are able to connect on a deeper level. Now is not the time to be hiding or wrapped up in doubts. Come forward out of the sand and let yourself be seen and known for exactly what you can do.

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