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Should I Stay or Should I Go!




You are sociable, friendly, loyal, and calm. You do a lot within your community wanting to take pride and care of it.
You prefer to live in hotter climates.
You have a high endurance; will push yourself as far as you can to achieve what you want.
You’re very creative using a variety of mediums.
You are strong, able to tolerate and overcome anything.
You are sweet but at the same time can be very stubborn and unforgiving.
Intelligent with a fantastic memory.

It's time to get moving and find some creative outlet to immerse yourself in.
Someone has really hurt you, let you down.
The stubborn, unforgiving side of you is out in full force and you're not moving an inch.
You don't always have to be so strong, allow others to help you and lean on them for a change. Let go a bit more, everything is just too serious at the moment.
You have a decision to make and you are going over it and over it and over it some more. No matter how many times you go over it you know exactly what it is you want. It is not always easy to honest with ourselves about what we want but this is a crucial moment for you and trusting in how you feel and that gut feeling is vital at this moment in making this decision.
Throw a coin up in the air having chosen what each side of the coin represents, before that coin comes into your hand you will for sure know what one you don’t want to come. You always know but it isn’t always easy to accept.
Be the change to see the change. You got this !

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