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Express Yourself!




You prefer being in hotter climates, feel more freedom.
You are able to live or be among many different types of people.
You always tend to find your way home just so that you get to sleep in your own bed.
You’re an opportunist, always got your eyes open for what's next and jumping at the chance. Also when it comes to food, if there is something lying around you will more times pick from it.
You are able to express yourself very well, through body language, facial expressions, voice and touch.
You don't like conflicts and will try to stay clear of them if you can.
You are very adaptable and can fit into almost any surroundings easily.
You tend to leave home when of age, having a period of time alone before starting long term relationships.
You work very well in a team.
You form strong bonds with those you care about, the biggest bond being with your mother.
You are extremely protective over your children. Helping to raise them and providing for them. Also protective over other people's children you have this paternal nature of wanting to help children and protect and love them. This carries though to the vulnerable as well always feeling you need to help those less fortunate.
Always striving to be a better parent, a better person.
You’re a very sociable person, although not always comfortable with new people.
You don't really get caught up in family dramas but if you see something going on outside of your family you can be nosey and want to know what's going on.
You have a tendency to get jealous with your partner's, wanting them to stick close by.
You need a partner to be your friend, not just a lover.

There seems to be a conflict going on at the moment and you seem to have lost your voice, your ability to express yourself.
You’re holding your feelings in, say what you need to say so it's all out in the open and then you have something to work with. Not saying how you feel is a lot of pressure and it's just building up until you will just explode. Don't wait for the explosion EXPRESS YOURSELF and be honest with yourself about how you feel.
Listen to yourself without judgement about what you say, accept that this is how you feel and that it is ok to feel like this.
You seem to be caught up in a situation that you shouldn't be in, it has nothing to do with you, you wanted to help but it's not helping so let them sort it out themselves.
You’re partner's may feel you are to controlling, relax a little. There is nothing you can do if they walk out but at least if you’re being the best you, you will know it wasn't anything you did. Give them a bit more space and embrace the time you have when you have it.
A little time away from home sometimes is needed just as much as being home. Take a short break and get some freedom.
Boredom has set in and not enough variety, go somewhere different, mix with different people, they say variety is the spice of life so start spicing up your life. Make it interesting again, get off that hamster wheel and start changing things up a bit. If you continue with the same old same old, opportunities will pass you by because you’re so wrapped up on your wheel going round to fast to notice them.

You are fierce, strong, able, clever, loyal, loving and compassionate. You have all the skills you need to go out there and take what is yours. You’re a free spirit that may have a tendency to feel claustrophobic more often than not because you’re not getting out enough. Getting out enough, as in physically and mentally. You may keep what you feel within and it's just all going over and over in your mind and it's gotten to the point it just all feels like noise. Get out of your head, find that fierceness within you and start putting effort into the things you need to. The only thing stopping you from achieving your dreams and goals at this moment is you.

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